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Proudly Australian owned and manufactured.

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Fibreflow Cooling Towers was established in response to the demand for a quality HVAC manufacturer in Australia. All of our fiberglass panels are made in Australia and we only use proven products in the construction of our cooling towers.

Various production methods include cold pressing heavy section FRP moldings and forming hollow and complex one piece FRP sections, along with the options of Aluminium, Galvanized or Stainless Steel components.

Our production methods use the best isophthalic, vinyl ester resins, gelcoats and high quality reinforcements. Our products are developed to stand the test of time with the quality, life-cycle and performance that goes above and beyond the expectations of our customers.

With vast experience and many years in the industry, we have formed an insight as to what is required of our products, thus meeting the market with the best solutions for the application.

Typical applications include cooling tower structures and components, support assemblies, motor mounts and bearing housing mounts in a variety of materials to suit the clients’ requirements.

Our range of FRP cooling towers are developed and manufactured right here in Australia. With benefits ranging from low cost of ownership to long service life, location.

We also partner up with innovative companies such as EBM Papst to develop a range of cooling towers that have EC plug and axial fans.  We were the first to supply and install this type of drive on a  forced draft cooling tower in Australia.   We are the company the industry approaches to resolve issues that the others are not interested in.  We design and customize bespoke towers to resolve issues.

Fibreflow Cooling Towers is 100% Australian owned with all of our research staying in Australia.

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