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Air Cooled Radiators

An alternative method that can be used in place of cooling towers to provide heat rejection is the use of an air-cooled heat exchanger, commonly known as an air-cooled condenser. An air-cooled heat exchanger, consists of a finned tube coil with a fan mounted above or below the coil.
The condenser water is pumped through the tubes in the coil and the fan blows ambient air across the coil. This operates in a similar principle to the radiator on a car engine. Shown below is a typical air-cooled heat exchanger.

Air-cooled heat exchanger

An advantage of air-cooled heat exchangers is the fact that the fluid being cooled does not come into contact with the cooling medium. For this reason air-cooled condensers are often used when fluid to be cooled must not be released into the atmosphere.

Air Cooled Radiators are best suited to a high debris in cooling air environment. Examples of this would be Mine sites, Refineries and salt laden environments.

Different types of cores are used for different applications, so each Air Cooled Radiator is custom designed to suit.

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